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Y.C. Cable, Inc. is an industry leader in the cable assembly market since 1985. We have four U.S. locations and three international locations to provide service from. Y.C. Cable is ISO 9001:2008, UL and CSA certified. Our China facility is also TS16949 certified. With our diverse manufacturing capabilities, our cables can be found in the industrial, computer, telecommunications, medical, RF and consumer markets. In the consumer electronics and accessories market, we are proud to be partnered with major retailers under the brand GRANDMAX .

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Fremont, CA


  • 300,000 sq ft
  • High volume cable assembly

  • Low volume, high mix 
  • R & D and Prototypes
  • Assembly manufacturing



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A Message from
Grand Fang, C.E.O.
Y.C. Cable, Inc.

"I wish to express my personal appreciation to the many loyal Y.C. Cable customers and employees that have aided to the continued growth and success of Y.C. Cable, Inc."

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