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Cable Assembly Houses in the USA, China, and Taiwan



Y.C. Cable has multiple cable assembly houses worldwide to meet your local needs.  For low-volume cable assemblieswire harnessesquick turn cable assemblies, and prototype cable assemblies, our cable assembly houses in Fremont/California, Piscataway/New Jersey, and Taipei/Taiwan can provide fast and efficient cable and wire harness assembly manufacturing services.  For high-volume cable harness assembliesOEM cables, and industrial cables, our owned cable assembly house in China can provide mass production manufacturing.  


Cable Manufacturing and Assembly



Y.C. Cable, USA Inc. has been in the cable manufacturing & assembly market since 1985, providing offshore and domestic cable manufacturing and assembly services.  Y.C. Cable is ISO 9001:2015, UL, and CSA certified custom cable manufacturing company. With our diverse manufacturing capabilities in OEM cables, our cables can be found in the industrial, automotive, computer, telecommunications, medical, RF, and consumer markets.

Custom Cables & Cable Assembly Services


Y.C. CABLE offers a wide range of custom cables, from simple to complex, from standard to customized specifications. We also offer one-stop services from custom made cable tools, material selection, manufacturing, cable assembly, functional testing, and packaging to delivery.  With more than 30 years of experience in this field, we can manufacture almost any custom cables and offer any solutions you might have.

OEM Cables & Electornic Harness Assemblies


As a member of the Consumer Electronics Association, Y.C. Cable is on the cutting edge of every trend in the Consumer Electronics field and provides a variety of custom-designed cable assemblies to meet various consumer applications.

OME Medical Cable Assemblies, Medical Wire Harness Manufacturer


Y.C. Cable is a one of the leading medical wire harness manufacturers in Bay Area in California Silicon Valley.  We provide custom and OEM medical cable assemblies an medical wire d.  Being a contracted medical cable assembly manufacturer for years, we have provided many types of medical cables for medical device manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies.  Y.C. Cable was built in 1985 so we have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing custom cable assemblies and wire harness assemblies.  

Wire & Cable Assemblies/Custom Cables Manufacturer



Y.C. CABLE is a custom cable manufacturer providing wire and cable assemblies both in the USA and China. We have factory in Fremont , California and in Asia. We offer simple and complex cable & wire harness assembly to customers in a wide range of industries, depending on their requirements. This can range from simple ground wires to complex interconnected multi-terminated wire harnesses and cable assemblies. We can provide a variety of custom cables to meet your exact specifications.

Custom Cable Harness Assembly Company


Y.C. Cable is an established and experienced custom cable harness assembly company in California Bay Area providing custom cable harness assemblies since 1985. Cable harnesses (also called wire harnesses) include many parts – such as cables, wires, terminals, connectors, and sleeves. The purpose of a cable harness assembly is to send information signals and power. Custom cable harnesses can be easily fixed and protected from the adverse effects of vibration, abrasion, and moisture. By combining wires and cables into non-flexible harnesses, space utilization can be optimized and electrical short circuits can be greatly reduced.  A well-designed custom cable harness also can reduce the installation time in production and makes the process easy to standardize.  


Custom USB-C Cables - Custom USB Cables


Y.C. CABLE is a customized USB-C cable manufacturer certified by UL and ISO. We can provide Apple MFi certified USB-C lighting cable and USB C cable according to your design. As an experienced USB-C cable manufacturer, we can manufacture any customized USB Type-C cable you need. We also specialize in the production and development of a variety of customized Micro USB cables, audio cables, and Type-C series chargers and accessories.


Wire Harness Manufacturers, Wire Harness Assembly Company


Wire Harness Manufacturers offer services that assemble wires, cables, and connectors together. Since 1985, Y.C. Cable has been a professional OEM wiring assembly manufacturer, producing a large number of customized wire harness assemblies and cable assemblies for all types of vehicles across various industries. We have established good cooperative relations with world-renowned vehicle manufacturers. With our years of production experience, our engineering team can provide any wiring harness and cable assembly solution to any problem you may encounter.