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Custom Cable Harness Assembly Company in California

Custom Cable Harness Assembly Experts: Y. C. Cable

Y.C. Cable is a well-known and experienced custom cable harness assembly firm based in the California Bay Area, USA, that has been delivering bespoke cable assemblies and wire harness assemblies since 1985. Cable harness assemblies, also known as wire harnesses or wiring assemblies, are made up of many different components, including cables, wires, terminals, connections, and sleeves. These assemblies are essential to a wide range of equipment and applications because they play a critical role in sending information signals, power, or data between different sections of an electrical system.


Custom Cable Harnesses Tailored to Your Designs

Y.C. Cable makes custom cable harnesses according to your designs and meets your requirements. A custom cable harness can be easily fixed and protected from the adverse effects of vibration, abrasion, and moisture. By combining wires and cables into non-flexible harnesses, space utilization can be optimized and electrical short circuits can be greatly reduced.  A well-designed custom cable harness can reduce the installation time in production and make the process easy to standardize.


Cable Harness Assembly


Custom Cable Harnesses: Benefits and Manufacturing Process

In order to have an efficient wire harness assembly product, the initial stages of wire harness design need to apply electrical requirements and space constraints, and then provide a wiring diagram for the wire harness. Although automated manufacturing has increased, manual manufacturing of wiring harness assemblies is usually still more cost-effective due to the many different processes involved.  Y.C. Cable has excellent and well traineind cable harness assemblers in our factories that you can trust. 



Certifications, Services, and Commitment to Quality

Y.C. Cable is a UL& ISO certified wire harness assembly company and we are also a member of the Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association and BICSI.  We also can provide kitting and assembly service which can save your costs of labor and space. All of our products are manufactured and tested in compliance with industrial standards.  Our China facility is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 certified. Therefore, Y.C. Cable is a reliable wire harness & cable assembly manufacturer, offering the superior quality you can trust.


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