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RF Cable Assemblies in Bay Area, California

Y.C. CABLE provides fast RF cable assemblies in the Bay Area, California within the U.S. (and also in Guan Dong, China). The purpose of RF cables/Coaxial cables is to transmit signals and radio frequencies (RF). We offer cable solutions for all RF applications. The standards for these cable assemblies include precision impedance control for 50, 75, and 90 Ω applications and high-density copper braids and foil shielding for minimum RF and EM interface.   


With over 30 years of custom wire and cable assembly experience, Y.C. CABLE has become a leading custom RF cable assembly/coaxial cable assembly manufacturer. Y.C. CABLE’s RF cables are the perfect design for automotive, telecommunication, and CATV. We offer a wide choice of RF connectors including FAKRA, I-PEX, SMA, BNC, N, F, MCX, and TNC in various cable assembly lengths. We entered the market of automotive cable & wire harnesses in 2009. And since then, we are very experienced in supplying a wide range of I-PEX cable assemblies and FAKRA cable assemblies to our customers in automotive applications.


With the comprehensive Network Analyzer from Agilent, we can provide in-depth tests such as Return Loss, Insertion Loss, Passive Intermodulation (PIM), Phase, and Time Domain.


In addition to providing radio frequency cable assemblies in the Bay Area, California, we also provide other cables and connector assemblies. No matter what kind of cable and connector assembly you designed, we can do that for you. 


Y.C. CABLE provides RF Cable Assemblies/Coaxial Cable Assemblies for various RF connectors, coaxial connectors, and special connectors you assigned. 


  • FAKRA Cable Assemblies
  • I-PEX Cable Assemblies
  • MCX Cable Assemblies
  • BNC Cable Assemblies
  • SMA Cable Assemblies
  • Heliax Cable Assemblies
  • MMCX Cable Assemblies
  • SHV Cable Assemblies
  • Quadrax Cable Assemblies
  • LMR Cable Assemblies
  • UltraFlex Cable Assemblies
  • Microwave Cable Assemblies
  • TNC Cable Assemblies
  • Twinax Cable Assemblies
  • IoT Cable Assemblies
  • High-Frequency RF Cable Assemblies
  • Huber+Suhner RF Cable Assemblies
  • RF Coax Cable Assemblies
  • Flexible RF Cable Assemblies

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