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OEM Cable & Wire Assembly Manufacturer

Y.C. CABLE is an OEM cable & wire assembly manufacturer offering any custom or OEM cable and wire assemblies you need.
Y.C. CABLE was established in 1985 in different locations worldwide, including Taiwan, China, and the USA. We started our main business for 3C computer peripheral cables and wires. In 2009, we started to focus on the automotive industry. And in the same year, our Guangdong Tangxia factory passed ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certifications and officially entered the market for automotive-related products. Y.C CABLE cooperates with many automobile manufacturers and provides OEM automotive cable assemblies & wire harness assemblies since then. In the following year 2010, we passed ISO 13485 medical certification and started to manufacture precision custom medical cable assemblies with our business activities now all over the world. Y.C. CABLE has rich experiences in OEM cable and wire assembly, integrated manufacturing capabilities, strong engineering capabilities, fast sampling, and quality services to meet customer needs.

Quality Management

★ Material Quality Control Supplier Audit of incoming material quality control.
★ Supply Chain Management to ensure the timely delivery of materials for the product manufacturing system.
★ Manufacturing Quality Management to help to solve quality problems, improve the quality of products (emphasis on FAI system (First Article Inspection), and carry out regular inspection of the production line and abnormal control.
★ Quality Inspection to ensure the quality of shipments, check and set the quality level of shipments, and develop shipping inspection methods according to customer needs.

Manufacturing Management

Y.C. Cable has ERP systems to control material distribution. We enhanced the automation of our manufacturing process and integrated the planning of our manpower so that all personnel involved in the assembly production can be properly utilized.
We can provide production quantity, staffing, and mixed-line production to satisfy your needs. Both of our facilities in the USA and China have ISO 9001:2015 certification. The factory in Tangxia, China also has ISO 13485:2016 certification.
★ Both factories can provide fast and efficient custom cable assemblies and custom wire assemblies.
★ The factory in the USA provides manufacturing services for low volume and high mix custom cable & wire harness assemblies.
★ The factory in China provides large-scale production manufacturing services for OEM cables, cable & wire assembly, and industrial cables.

Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer


Cable and Harness Assembly Services
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