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A/V Signal Cables

Y.C. CABLE has many years of experience in the automotive cable assembly. We undertake the production of many kinds of automotive cables such as A/V signal cables, car navigation, and car recording systems. From the very beginning of production, we use the most stringent factory certification. The quality control system established by our factory has been recognized as a qualified supplier by many automobile manufacturers.


TXL Heat-resistant low-tension XLPE wire with a thin wall.



Conductor: annealed copper strand wire conforming to ASTM B3 specification

Insulator: PE irradiation material, in accordance with SAE J1128 and RoHS directive specifications

Temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃    

AVSS  Extra Thin Wall Insulated Type    



Conductor: flexible copper stranded wire conforming to JIS c3102 specification

Insulator: PVC material complies with Jaso D611 and ROHS directive scope     

Temperature: 90 degrees       

Connectors and other materials shall be assembled according to the manufacturer or equivalent designated by the customer.