Service Y.C. CABLE


Quick-Turn Prototype Cable Assemblies & Wire Harness Assemblies

In a hurry?  Y.C. Cable can provide quick-turn prototype cable assemblies and wire harness Assemblies for your projects. 


Y.C. Cable has multiple cable assembly houses worldwide to meet your local needs.  For low-volume cable assemblieswire harnesses, quick-turn prototype cable assemblies, or prototype wire harnesses, our cable assembly houses in Fremont/California, Piscataway/New Jersey, and Taipei/Taiwan can provide fast and efficient cable and wire harness assembly manufacturing services.  For high-volume cable harness assembliesOEM cables, andindustrial cables, our owned cable assembly house in China can provide mass production manufacturing.  


Contact any of our local support operations for immediate assistance. We have dedicated quick-turn manufacturing procedures specifically for rush orders in addition to prototypes and volume manufacturing requirements. We are members of the Wiring Harness Manufacturer's Association and BICSI.