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Circular Cable Assembly

Circular Cable Assemblies are available in Y.C. Cable.  We have a factory in Fremont in the Greater Silicon Valley, California Bay Area. With more than 30 years of cable assembly experience, our production process has passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and UL certification. With strong professional technology and capabilities, Y.C. Cable can develop standardized production procedures according to customer requirements, and provide professional assembly processing and mass production services for various customized cable assemblies and wire harnesses.


Application for Circular Connector Cable Assemblies



The Advantage of the Circular Connector Cable Assemblies


Normally, a circular connector can be separated into two parts, one is male connector and the other is a female connector.  On the surface of the connectors are always marked with the number next to each hole to avoid any mistake. The circular cables are designed to send the important power, signal, and data so they are always made with reliable materials and high quality control.  And they are always used in a harsh environment. 


No matter what kind of connector or housing you need, rectangular connectors or circular connectors, Y.C. Cable always has the ability to provide the solution for you.