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Cable Assembly Manufacturers In China and The USA


Y.C. Cable is a leading cable assembly manufacturer providing wire and cable assemblies both in the USA and China. We offer simple and complex wire harness assembly and cable fabricatio to customers in a wide range of industries, depending on their requirements. This can range from simple ground wires to complex interconnected multi-terminated custom wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies. We can provide a variety of custom cables to meet your exact specifications.



Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers For All Industries Solutions 


Y.C. Cable was established in 1985, focusing on customm wire & cable fabricatoin. We are committed to the technical development of custom cables, wires, connectors, and other electronic products. We have the strong technical expertise to develop products that integrate manufacturing, solutions, and sales, and develop a good marketing system with advanced manufacturing equipment and product testing capabilities. After 30 years of operation and development, our cable and wire products have been used all over the world.



Cable Assembly Manufacturing: Ensuring Quality and Precision


Our facility in Fremont, California has provided a large amount of high-mix and low-volume wire and cable assemblies. In order to meet your large demands, our own factory in China can manufacture high volume orders for your needs.  We can source the cables and the components you specify according to your drawings or BOMs. To ensure the quality and precision, Y.C. Cable also provides different cable testing services for your customized cable products. All cable products are strictly tested in our factory. Y.C. Cable is the only connection you need.


Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom cable assemblies are tailored wiring solutions designed to meet specific requirements for connectivity, length, connectors, and other parameters. They are widely used in various industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, and industrial equipment, where standard off-the-shelf cables may not be suitable for unique applications. Here are some key aspects of custom cable assemblies:

Design Flexibility: Custom cable assemblies allow for precise design to meet the exact needs of a project. This includes selecting the appropriate cable type, connectors, pinouts, and lengths.

Connector Compatibility: Custom cable assemblies can be designed to interface with specific connectors, whether they are standard connectors like USB, HDMI, or D-sub connectors or proprietary connectors used in specialized equipment.

Application-Specific Requirements: Custom cable assemblies can be designed to meet specific environmental, electrical, and mechanical requirements. This could include resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, moisture, or physical stress.

Length and Form Factor: Custom cables can be manufactured to precise lengths, which helps eliminate cable clutter and ensures optimal signal integrity. They can also be designed to fit within tight spaces or unique form factors.

Quality Control: Manufacturers of custom cable assemblies can implement stringent quality control processes to ensure the cables meet the required specifications and standards.

Specialized Materials: Depending on the application, custom cable assemblies may require specialized materials, such as shielding for electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection or low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) jackets for use in sensitive environments.

Prototyping and Testing: Prototyping is often a crucial step in custom cable assembly development. This allows for testing and validation of the design before mass production.

Cost Considerations: Custom cable assemblies can be cost-effective for specific applications where standard cables with excess length or unnecessary features would be wasteful.

Volume Production: While custom cable assemblies are typically designed for specific applications, they can still be produced in large quantities if needed, making them suitable for both one-off projects and mass production.

Technical Support: Manufacturers of custom cable assemblies often provide technical support to assist with design and ensure that the cables perform as expected.


Custom cable assemblies play a vital role in enabling the functionality and connectivity of various electronic devices and systems, from medical equipment to industrial machinery. They offer the advantage of tailoring connectivity solutions to precise specifications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in a wide range of applications.


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