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Y.C. Cable is a custom cable manufacturer providing wire and cable assemblies both in the USA and China. We offer simple and complex cable & wire harness assembly to customers in a wide range of industries, depending on their requirements. This can range from simple ground wires to complex interconnected multi-terminated custom wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies. We can provide a variety of custom cables to meet your exact specifications.


Y.C. Cable was established in 1985, focusing on wire & cable assemblies. We are committed to the technical development of custom cables, wires, connectors, and other electronic products. We have the strong technical expertise to develop products that integrate design, manufacturing, and sales, and develop a good marketing system with advanced manufacturing equipment and product testing capabilities. After 30 years of operation and development, our cable and wire products have been used all over the world.


Our facility in Fremont, California has provided a large amount of high-mix and low-volume wire and cable assemblies. In order to meet your large demands, our own factory in China can manufacture high volume orders for your needs.  We can source the cables and the components you specify according to your drawings or BOMs. Y.C. Cable also provides different cable testing services for your customized cable products. All cable products are strictly tested in our factory. Y.C. Cable is the only connection you need. Contact us for a quick quote.