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Best Cable Assembly Manufacturer in California Bay Area 

Y.C. CABLE is one of the best custom cable assembly manufacturers near San Jose in the California Bay Area. We are an experienced and established contract manufacturing company for wire and cable assemblies in Silicon Valley. We are dedicated to producing accurate specifications for your customized cable solutions. Cable assemblies need the right internal materials to function correctly. Whether you need these custom solutions for medical devices or vehicles, you can count on us to deliver cable assembly services that meet your requirements. As a cable assembly manufacturer for over 30 years, our Fremont USA and China facilities are both UL and ISO-certified.


Bay Area Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing Since 1985


Having the right cable assembly is necessary to ensure optimal functionality. Y.C. CABLE offers cable assemblies with standard specifications for common applications. We can make very simple standard or complicated custom cable assemblies for any industry needs.  Y.C. CABLE understands that different industries need different solutions, so we offer customized solutions to meet any demand.  


Count on us to have the right standard and custom cable assembly solutions for application in various industries, including:


  • Agricultural: Global positioning systems for agricultural purposes need precise cable assembly solutions to connect with satellite radio navigational systems. We also provide custom solutions for industrial control systems that you may be utilizing. 
  • Medical: Many medical devices need intricate and precise cable assemblies — considering that lives are at stake. We source products that ensure all health apparatuses have the proper inner machinations to function correctly.  
  • Portable Devices: We provide simple and complex cable assemblies for phones and other consumer electronics that utilize audio and video systems. Networking and communication devices especially need the right inner workings to reach the right audiences.
  • Automotive: As a professional manufacturer of the automotive cable assembly, we are experts in A/V signal cables, car light cables, agricultural machinery cables, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) System cables, and more.   We manufacture a wide range of vehicle cables and wire harnesses for well-known automakers in the United States and abroad.
  • Aerospace: We manufacture aerospace cable assemblies that meet industry requirements. Our expertise in supplying necessary cabling products for vehicles includes flight vehicles. We assure clients that the products we source are strong enough to withstand any harsh aerospace environment.


Our team of experts is ready to work with you and provide the best advice for your custom cable assembly design. With our manufacturing expertise, we are confident in supplying your demands for quality products.



Cable Assemblies vs Wire Harnesses: What’s the Difference?

Many people tend to confuse cable assemblies with wire harnesses. This misunderstanding is understandable, especially since some use the terms interchangeably. We’re here to settle the differences between them since cable assemblies and wire harnesses have unique purposes.


One primary feature differing between cable assemblies and wire harnesses is their composition — which takes after their names. That is to say, we must separate cables from wires. Put simply, cables contain wires. Wires come in different materials and are single conductors. Cables utilize jackets to house the combination of these wires. Here’s a closer look at what separates them from each other. 



What Is a Cable Assembly?

A Cable Assembly, also known as a Cable Harness, is a group of wires or cables packed into a jacket to serve as a single unit. These jackets utilize a heavy-duty material, usually:


  • Shrink-wrapped thermoplastic
  • Thermoplastic rubber
  • Polyethylene
  • Chlorinated polyethylene
  • Chlorosulfonated neoprene
  • Chlorosulfonated polyethylene
  • Vinyl


Cables are often used for transmitting information signals or power. Depending on the applications, cable assemblies are available with different types of cable construction, customization, length, size, and color.  The main purpose of custom cables is to simplify the complex installation structure into a simple structure to save space.


Cable assemblies keep wires and cables organized within their jackets to serve their unique purposes in certain environments. Electrical engineers design cable assemblies to withstand harsh environments. As such, their designs consider factors that affect the product’s size, shape, and durability — especially when it comes to:


  • Abrasion
  • Compression
  • Friction
  • Heat
  • Moisture


Put simply, cable assemblies are specialty materials that protect these energy-transferring materials. They would maintain optimal performances despite the harsh environments they are subjected to.



What Is a Wire Harness?

A wire harness is a basic sheath for a few wires or cables. They also share the common thermoplastic materials of cable assemblies to prevent the wires from environmental exposure. Wires already have individual jackets or outer coverings of their own. Wire harnesses gather these into wires or cables into a single unit.


As such, the confusion between wire harnesses and cable assemblies is more apparent since they gather wires and cables into a single sheath. However, wire harnesses are low-cost electrical solutions. In other words, they are not as specialized as cable assemblies — meaning wire harnesses may not withstand constant hazards that threaten the wires and cables they protect.


As a result, wire harnesses are primarily meant for safer environments. These places must not subject the wires to too many changes in temperature and constant friction that would damage them. The damage would cause wire exposure and further electrical hazards. As such, be sure to consult an expert to determine whether your project requires specialized products.  


Y.C. Cable is a professional wire harness manufacturer since 1985.  We provide custom wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies both in the USA and in Asia.


Advantages of Custom Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are specialized products that protect wires and cables against harsh conditions. These solutions are suited for a variety of industries including aerospace, agricultural, medical, and even military purposes.


Thus, custom cable assemblies are further specialized products that cater specifically to a particular application. Put simply, custom cable assemblies serve a specific purpose. Whether the purpose is simple or complex, they maintain a high quality according to their unique demands. Other advantages that custom cable assemblies offer include:


  • Tailored Materials: We are ready to prepare the cable assembly according to your specifications. Our team ensures that the final products meet your drawing specs and Bill of Material. You may provide consigned components and count on us for labor or allow us to source and purchase the materials.
  • Accurate Performance: Having the specific materials making up your device or machine ensures that the overall project serves the right purpose. After all, a machine is only functional if all of its parts are optimized. Custom cable assemblies secure this crucial optimization to ensure your product works as it should.
  • Certified Quality: Ordering custom cable assemblies guarantees that you have components that have undergone specialized tests. These tests are in place to ensure they can withstand any condition they are meant to encounter during application. This testing stage also involves necessary adjustments to ensure durability.
  • Complete Control: Unlike off-the-shelf cable assemblies, custom cable assembly solutions give you complete control over the design process. Having precise materials ensures that your application has everything it needs to function without problems.
  • Save Money: Customizing your cable assembly saves money by meeting your unique needs and no longer configuring separate cables. At the same time, customizing cable assemblies saves you from constant replacements because of the high quality they guarantee. Consider the expenses you save when getting custom cable assemblies


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