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Custom Wire Harnesses

No Wire Harness For Personal Cars!! 

Custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies are Y.C.’s specialty. Our wire harness assembly products have been used in a variety of applications and in the most demanding environments. With more than 30 years of experience as a cable & wire harness manufacturer, Y.C. CABLE has been offering a wide range of custom wiring harnesses for many industries – automotive, medical, energy, networking & communications, and industrial.


At Y.C. CABLE, we can deliver any wire harness assemblies using custom-made, multi-core cords that give the client the exact number type, and size of the cores to fit their requirements. 

Since 1985, Y.C. CABLE has been a professional OEM wiring harness manufacturer and has established a good relationship with world-renowned vehicle manufacturers. We produce different customized automotive wiring harnesses and automotive cable assemblies for all types of vehicles. Thanks to our many years of production experience, our engineering team can provide solutions to any problems you may encounter.


What is Custom Wire Harnesses Assembly Processing?


It’s a method of assembling cables or electronic wires; using straps, wire harnesses, sleeves, coils, or other processing methods to assemble them together, and then combining the required parts and connectors to achieve transmission. The effect function of signal or power can also be called wire harness processing, wire processing, or wire assembly!


The Advantage of Custom Wire Harnesses:


The customized wire harness assembly is specially designed according to the customer’s needs, and various wires are assembled by different processing methods to better fix these wires and reduce the adverse effects of vibration, abrasion, and humidity. Through different assembly and bundling methods, the space used in the equipment can be optimized. In addition, flame-retardant sleeving in the handling of the harness assembly can significantly reduce the chance of fire in the wires and minimize the risk of accidents. Customized wire harness assemblies not only reduce costs but also facilitate subsequent maintenance.


The Ability to Manufacturing Custom Wire Harnesses:


– Stripping, Crimping, Labeling, and Tie-wrapping
– Custom braiding equipment creates wire harnesses
– Embed a logo or text on the harnesses
– Combat environmental hazards or prevent corrosion with customized materials
– Custom flying lead wiring harnesses are available 


Y.C. CABLE is a UL & ISO certified wire harness company and a member of the Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association and BICSI.  All of our products are manufactured and tested in compliance with industrial standards. Our China facility is ISO 14001:2004 certified. Therefore, Y.C. CABLE is the most reliable wire harness manufacturer, offering superior quality and standards you can trust.